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LifeSkills created with Barclays


What is LifeSkills?

The motivation behind the LifeSkills programme is to inspire millions of young people and equip them with the key skills to move forward into the 21st century work place. LifeSkills brings together educators, businesses, young people and parents to achieve this, as increasingly young people need to leave education not only with appropriate academic results but with the skills that we know businesses need now and in the future as technology reshapes our working world.

Educators, including schools, colleges, universities, charities and youth groups, are provided with more than 60 hours of free curriculum linked employability resources, through videos, quick fire activities, interactive tools and full lesson plans to teach young people, as well as dozens of interactive tools for young people to learn in their own time or in conjunction with their parents through our dedicated parents section.

The programme focuses on three core modules; work skills, people skills and money skills. Teaching skills such as CV writing, interview skills, networking, problem solving, creativity, resilience, communication and managing online reputation.

LifeSkills also provides free support to UK businesses to help improve access to work experience opportunities – giving young people the key skills and experience they need. Already LifeSkills is raising the aspirations of young people as they feel more confident about the future and we are seeing evidence that young people are using what they have learnt to secure employment and manage their finances more effectively. More than 3.1 million young people have already participated in the programme.

LifeSkills for teachers

Teachers can access free, curriculum-linked downloadable activities and lesson plans and organise work experience placements to prepare students for the world of work. With greater emphasis on employability in the new curriculum and in recent Ofsted guidance, LifeSkills can support teachers in attaining the desired standards.

The lesson plans are targeted at students aged 11-19 and can help support employability and careers delivery in PSHE, Citizenship, Maths, English, Computing and Business and Enterprise.

Barclays volunteers are also available to run volunteer-led lessons.
Visit www.barclayslifeskills.com/teachers to get started.

LifeSkills for young people

LifeSkills can help you when you are looking for a job – it can help your CV to stand out from the competition and prepare you for your interviews.

There is a whole range of free and fun tools to help you to help build your confidence and develop the skills that employers are looking for:

  • Build a job-hunting toolbox - find out how social media can supercharge a CV with the LifeSkills CV Builder, get tips for creating strong covering letters and LinkedIn profiles, and practice interview techniques – use the new virtual interview practice tool and practice online assessment tests.
  • Identify skills - interactive challenges help identify and develop personal skills – with useful advice on selling these skills to employers, e.g. good communication, networking and problem solving skills.
  • Gain experience -by working through LifeSkills online, you can unlock valuable work experience and use the new virtual work experience tool which shows you what it’s like to work in a business for a day.
  • Be inspired – the LifeSkills YouTube Channel features real experiences from top UK vloggers and tips on presenting your best self-online.
  • The LifeSkills Wheel of Strengths module can help you to understand what type of roles would be right for you based on your personality.

Young people can work through the online resources and once they reach 250+ points their teacher can put them forward for a range of work experience placements available through LifeSkills.

Register today at barclayslifeskills.com/about/

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