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Case Study: Fahmeda Salik, Apprentice Bid Administrator with Go Construct, CITB

Thursday, November 16, 2017
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Case Study: Fahmeda Salik, Apprentice Bid Administrator with Go Construct, CITB

What company do you work for and what do they do?

I work for Lakehouse Contracts Ltd which is a construction company who provides various services including energy services, construction, gas, fire, water and lifts. 

How did you get into construction?

When I finished secondary school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I didn’t really know what my options were, so I thought that my only option was to go to sixth form then go to university. So I went to sixth form and picked Business Studies, Financial Studies, Psychology and English Literature for A Levels; all of the subjects I picked I really enjoyed... well I thought so until I started them! No one really prepared me for how difficult it was going to be.

Whilst in my first year of A-levels, I found it difficult but I got to the end of the year just fine. Then when I started my second year, I didn’t feel motivated at all; I knew what I wanted to do after education but I didn’t think going the way I was about it was going to get me there. So, I took the initiative and started to look for apprenticeships online which led me to find one with Lakehouse.

To this day, I still think it’s the best move I’ve ever made.

Tell us a bit more about what you do. 

I manage day-to-day emails from clients and distribute them accordingly. I also communicate with many different people ranging from colleagues that I work with to directors of different companies within Lakehouse and I also communicate with clients on a daily basis.  Every week I create documents to distribute to the Lakehouse directors so they can discuss what’s in those documents during their weekly conference call.

I also create case studies and CV’s of key personnel so that bid writers can use them in their bids.

Where do you want your career to take you?

I want my career to help me work my way up within a company, be it Lakehouse or a different company.

Any advice for someone thinking about a career in construction?

I would say that there is a massive misconception about the construction industry. Many people think that working in construction means that they will be at a building site all day long; but there is so much more to it. There is so much more that happens behind closed doors, before the builders even enter a building site. To this day, I still think leaving school and taking up an apprenticeship in construction is the best move I’ve ever made, despite what anyone says. I want to work my way up within a company to not only prove to those who doubted me, but to prove to myself that I made the right decision.

It will be a really good example of “started from the bottom, now I’m here."


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