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Top 10 tips for exhibiting at Skills London

Thursday, August 10, 2017
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Top 10 tips for exhibiting at Skills London

1. Set clear objectives            

Make sure you know what you’re aiming to get out of the show and share the objectives with the rest of your team. Is your objective to sign up apprentices, recruit new students, create awareness of a new products, conduct market research or gain press coverage?


2. Stand engagement is key
The target audience at Skills London is predominantly 14 – 19 year olds, their parents, carers and other involved professionals. Whether you have a big or small stand, make it interesting, fun and engaging with eye-catching graphics, brand ambassadors in fancy dress, a competition, hands-on activities, sampling – you name it!


3. Designing your stand
Prior to the event, measure the size of your stand and consider a theme, graphics, furniture, colour scheme, AV and how many members of staff you will need on your stand. The visitors will need some encouragement, so it is important your stand is inviting rather than a barrier. Make sure clutter, half-drunk cups of coffee, empty cardboard boxes and half-eaten sandwiches are hidden away in the storage room provided for exhibitors.


4. Read the exhibitor manual
The exhibitor manual will be emailed to you at least 8 weeks prior to the event which provides an A – Z of everything you need to know about the event. This includes shell scheme measurements, speaker opportunities, parking costs and so on. Our comprehensive exhibitor manual will save you time and money, plus help you to enjoy a hassle-free exhibition.


5. Order your services
If you are bringing iPads, laptops, TV screens or games consoles you will need to order an electrical socket. Think about what furniture you will need, literature racks to display marketing materials or seating for one-to-one conversations with visitors. You will be able to find links to the electric, furniture, graphics and AV order forms in the exhibitor manual.


6. Link with our marketing team
The marketing team can give you key information on which schools are booked in from your local authority. If there are schools you would like to see at the event, drop natasha.creighton@prospects.co.uk an email to ask if they have been contacted. Be sure to promote your stand through social media channels before, during and after the event and provide the marketing team with any interesting facts we may be able to use in our visitor marketing campaign by emailing fiona.whitewood@prospects.co.uk


7. Book your place at the Exhibitor Masterclass
The Skills London Exhibitor Masterclass will be taking place on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at London’s Living Room, City Hall. An official invite will be emailed to all exhibitors and organisations interested in getting involved in Skills London. Put the date in your diary and stay tuned for more information.


8. Choose your staff wisely
Picking the right people to staff your stand and giving them sufficient training plays a huge part in your success at the event. Discuss a dress code for your team and ask them to avoid using their mobile phones, sitting behind a desk and having their backs to the aisles. Each member of staff is a brand ambassador and is responsible for your company’s corporate presence at the show.


9. Complete your risk assessment
Every exhibition stand is a miniature workplace and therefore needs a risk assessment. You must complete and return a risk assessment that looks at the hazards, risks and control methods you have in place for your exhibition stand, including the build-up, open period and breakdown. A blank risk assessment and an example risk assessment are included in the exhibitor manual and needs to be returned to your event organiser before the event.


10. Review and follow up leads
Make sure that you have planned a follow up communication for any leads generated at the event. We recommend sending a follow up email within a week of the show. When you’re back in the office, assess the success of the show and ROI, you would be surprised how many exhibitors don’t follow-up their leads!

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